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Pension and Educare Plan


This product is combination of life assurance and an investment policy. The investment component can be accessed at maturity. Premiums are paid on monthly basis.

The product targets the formal sector.

THE PHOENIX PENSION PLAN is a combination of life benefit and an investment policy. It is a flexible premium policy providing adjustable life assurance coverage payable at death before retirement age (60) of the insured.  If the insured is living at age 60, the investment component which is equal to the accumulated value is paid.

In the unlikely event of death, a life benefit which is equal to the initial sum assured plus the accumulated value of your investment will be paid to listed beneficiaries. This policy is applicable for individuals of ages 18-55.

We ensure that your investment is maximized by providing a feature that discourages withdrawals and surrendering until after five years. A surrender charge will be applied if the policy is terminated within the first five years. This measure is applied in order to protect your Accumulated Value at maturity.

Premiums are flexible and payable up to age 60 (or up to age 65, by exception).  The policy owner can select a monthly premium of an amount that meets the required minimum.

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